Yinyi?Coronary metal stent delivery system


Product Description

Yinyi® Coronary Artery Metal Stent has an excellent structural design, which not only provides stronger support for the vessel wall, but also ensures that the product has outstanding flexibility and is easier to reach the stenotic lesions.


    The perfect combination of flexibility and support
    ●316L medical alloy provides stronger support for the stent
    ●The special structure design provides perfect flexibility for the bracket
    ●The extremely small passing outer diameter ensures that the stent can pass through challenging lesions
    ●Larger side hole diameter provides good side branch protection for bifurcation lesion treatment
    ●Excellent polishing technology provides an impeccable stent surface, effectively reducing the incidence of thrombosis and inflammation
    ●The small delivery balloon head-end design makes the product have excellent tracking and passability

Product number

Yinyi?Coronary metal stent delivery system(图1)

Registration Message

Medical device name: Coronary artery metal stent delivery system (trade name: Yin Yi)
Medical device manufacturer name: Liaoning Yinyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Medical device registration certificate number: National Machinery Note 20173460334